Optimizing value – Harnessing the power of multiple sportsbooks

The best part about the competitive sportsbook industry is the lucrative sign-up offers and ongoing promos they run. Whether it’s boosted odds on certain bets, risk-free wagers, deposit matches, or free bets, there is constantly an edge to gain. The key is to take advantage of as many of these promotions as possible, which means signing up for multiple sportsbooks. Typically, these offers are only available for new customers making their first deposits. So, to maximize value, you need to open accounts at all the legal bookmakers running offers in your state. This strategy, combined with line shopping, is how savvy bettors stay profitable. You use the bonuses and boosted plusEV bets to mitigate risk and offset inevitable losses. Those extra few percentage points on your bottom line deliver huge returns. It’s crucial to have access to every promo through multiple accounts.

Utilize the best teaser and parlay offers

In addition to shopping money lines, and spreads, and taking advantage of bonuses, having multiple sportsbooks allows you to find the best odds on exotics like parlays and teasers. These types of bets already offer solid value since they permit you to tweak the points spread in your favor. You turn an underdog into a favorite or buy an extra possession for a big chalk side. By having options at several sportsbooks, you ensure you’re getting the longest teaser legs and highest payouts possible on these bets. Some books will let you tease a side through key numbers 3 and 7. Others might only let you go through one or the other. Books also offer varying payout schedules on teasers and charge different vig on parlays. So, line shop these just like you would a regular spread wager.

Know when to avoid the vig

While shopping for the best deal across sportsbooks typically delivers an edge, there are times when chasing that extra half point or a few cents on the dollar costs you. Most regulated books build a “vig” or “juice” into the odds which essentially represents their cut of profits. It is typically around 10 percent but reaches higher amounts for lopsided matchups.

This vig of laying -110 odds means you have to win about 52.4 percent of your wagers to break even. As the vig goes up to -120 or higher, your win percentage needed to profit also creeps higher. Some sharps advocate avoiding paying vig whenever possible and taking PK (pick ‘” em) odds (-105 on both sides) instead of laying -110 on favorites. While passing on that big chalk spread seems counterintuitive, avoiding vig theoretically yields better long-term returns. Access additional resources at

Track your results

To truly gauge whether utilizing multiple sportsbooks and line shopping is benefiting your bottom line, it’s imperative to track detailed records. You need to know exactly how much you bet, how much you won or lost, and your overall ROI with each book. It allows you to pinpoint which sportsbooks are bringing you value and where you may be giving up an edge. Ideally, bet tracking software is the optimal approach as this automates the recording and organizes everything into an easy dashboard. If this seems complicated, even using a basic spreadsheet helps. Be sure to record the line, odds, stake, payout, result, and running profit/loss totals. This data is crucial for any bettor especially when juggling multiple accounts and hunting for the best deals across many sportsbooks.

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